Clark Canine Academy


At Clark Canine Academy dog training is our passion. We believe that every dog should be trained in order to strengthen their relationship with their owner. Our primary goal is to design a training program that focuses on what is important to you. Whether your dog has specific behavior problems or you just want him or her to listen to simple commands, we have a program for you. Our techniques are fair, simple, and consistent; a combination that is easy for your dog to understand. This takes the stress of training away and involves you seeing results faster. Even more importantly, we give you the tools to make obedience a way of life.

Once you begin training with us you become part of the family and we offer many opportunities to continue and expand on your dog's new found obedience. Group distraction lessons, completing the requirements for the AKC Good Citizen Test, and lessons at local parks all offer a way to further your training experience.

Whether you know it or not you are training your dog everyday. Let us show you how to do it the right way!

"Bailey has started to become a very obedient dog. She has

intelligence we didn't know she had. Who would have thought our

lazy puppy actually looks forward to training. Clark Canine Academy

has been very helpful working through each of her problem areas."

-Nicole & Austin Klein
Cincinnati, OH

What Makes Us Different . . .

Certification  Our trainer received her certification through an intensive course at The National K9 Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio.  She has continued her education through seminars with Scott Mueller and conferences with the IACP.

Free Evaluations We want you to be comfortable with your dog's training before you commit to a program with us.  This evaluation allows us to learn what you are hoping to accomplish and develop a program that is going to work the best for you.

No Group Classes (until your dog can handle distraction work).  For most dogs, group classes just aren't a realistic option; there are far too many distractions to allow for any learning to happen.  Also, we believe that you and your dog deserve our undivided attention!

No treats  We train for the real world and it's not feasible to always have a pocketful of treats with you.  We want your dog to listen to you because he respects you not because you have a bribe in your hand.

Training Outside of the Classroom  We come to you!  There is no place more convenient for you than your own home.  Training in a controlled environment (such as a training center) can only take you so far.  You need your dog to listen to you in your home, so why not start there?  We will hold lessons in your home, at a park, or a dog friendly store.  Where ever is most beneficial for you!